Poemish of the Wildland

Poemish of the Wildand is a short anthology of eco-poems created at the pioneering (re)wilded estate, Knepp Wildland in West Sussex. Themes include loosening boundaries, how animals and invertebrates manage the land, water, migration and resilience. Edited by poet-artists Kay Syrad and Clare Whistler.





Kay Syrad

Clare Whistler

Jane Buckler

Lola Bunbury-Davies

Catherine Craig

Richard Ings

Kim Lasky

Ruth Lawrence

Karen Smith




48 pages

145 x 198mm

UK £10 + £3.50 P&P


ISBN 978-1-9162336-0-7


Published in 2019 by Elephant Press

All rights reserved

A small press

Poemish and Other Languages brings together the writing of a group of people attending kin'd & kin'd – Kay Syrad and Clare Whistler's eco-poetics course, ‘Changing Everything Carefully’ at ONCA Gallery, Brighton in the autumn of 2018.





Kay Syrad

Clare Whistler

Patrick Crawford

John Davies

Lola Bunbury-Davies

Elona Hoover

Béatrice Lajous

Ruth Lawrence

Jade Mars

Kate Monson

Persephone Pearl

Jennifer Shepherd

Karen Smith

Ruby Taylor




76 pages

190 x 220mm

UK £10 + £3.50 P&P


ISBN 978-1-5272-3729-2


Published in 2019 by Elephant Press

All rights reserved

Clare Whistler’s Gifts project was inspired by a naming day gift for Clare’s eldest son in 1989. It was a box containing an egg for life, some coal for heat, evergreen for eternity, salt for health, a candle for light, bread for food, a coin for wealth and a silver ring for love throughout life.





Essays written and gifted by


Peter Sellars

Jonathan Dove

Sally-Shakti Willow

Matilda Bathurst

John May

Robin McKenna

Jen Mitas

Kris De Meyer

Jane Trowell


Archive film footage from the eight Gift events was reinterpreted into a film ‘Gifts’ by filmmaker Nichola Bruce with Sam Sharples.




300 pages

210 x 250mm

UK £24.95 + £3.50 P&P


ISBN 978-1-5262-0360-1


Published in 2016 by Elephant Press

Clare Whistler © All rights reserved

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